Grade 5

British Columbia

My Home

My Home
First of all, at my home I feel safe because there is a smoke alarm on every floor.
My parents are on the same floor as me, and my neighbours are nearby so when there is an emergency I feel like I am secure. To me feeling protected at home is the number one priority to make home feel great.
Family is really important in my home because it makes me feel respected and loved by my parents, my sister, and my pets. They all calm me down when I am sad, angry, or even frustrated.
My family also keeps me from being scared, and keeps me company when I am alone.
I think that you can’t feel the home if you don’t sense the calmness and enjoy the fact that you’re under a roof. I like home because it makes me think greatness and that it’s not just me and I like the fact that I am respected and loved by my home.