Grade 4

British Columbia

My Home

My home

A home has feeling and love. You should feel safe there too. A house just doesn’t feel like home. My grandma’s house burned down. It was important because she and her 4 sons grew up there. Now she lives in a house not a home.

My pets are like family to me. My cat makes me feel happy when I am sad. My cat is fluffy and cute; I wish other kids could have pets too.

My family makes my home feel great. There are sad time and happy times but there is always a place for fun. It is always good to be home with your family.
I feel consistently safe in my home. One of the things that makes me feel safe is a smoke detector. I like it when my mum and dad’s bedroom is close to mine. I like to have a good lock on any door as it’s always nice to have a safe home.