Grade 4


My home

My Home

A home is where you feel loved and safe. It’s where you are cared for and protected. My house is made out of wood and bricks. It has doors, windows, stairs, walls and a roof. It’s the shelter from the rain, snow and hail. It keeps me warm and safe ,e.g., on cold winter nights I snuggle up with my blanket. But what makes my house a home is the people who live in it and that is my family who love me and care for me. It’s a place where I have learned new things. It’s where I have grown up, laughed, learned to share and make many happy memories together with my family like snuggling up with my family on the couch while watching fun movies. Some other fun memories are helping my Mum make different sweets for Christmas. My home will always be a part of me. It means a lot to me. It is awesome and amazing!