Grade 6


My Home

My home is very important to me. Home to me doesn’t always mean you are in a big house with lots of things. To me home means when you are with the people you love and care about, it means when you are safe, healthy and happy, and home also means when you can make memories and enjoy life! When I am with the people I love and care about, that makes me feel at home. It means having someone there for you and to support you in difficult times. This also means that you can just be yourself around family and friends. They will always be there to cheer you up! If I am in a safe, healthy and happy environment then I feel at home. This means you have your rights and freedom to be who you are. You can enjoy life, feel good about yourself and feel good about your life. It means you are warm and protected, you have food and you are not in danger. Home should represent making memories and enjoying life. This includes being who you are by sharing your talents god gave you, having happy memories and sharing them with others. You can experience new things and share your old experiences. just by having a smile on your face and laughing can mean you are at home wherever you are! Home is where the heart is. what I love most about my home, is who I share it with!