Grade 5


my home

My home is very special to me because of my family. I have 1 mom,1 dad and 1 big brother (he is very annoying but I still love him). But let’s not forget the pets I have 2 cats their names are Porsha and Maserati (like the car ). My family means a lot to me even on the worst days and my home would not be what it is now if it were not for my family.

I love the holidays. We like to celebrate Christmas, Halloween (my personal favourite), Easter and Thanksgiving. I love my house around the holidays because my house is always so beautiful and colourful. We like to have a tradition for all of the holidays like decorations and food. For Christmas we decorate a tree with lots of colourful ornaments. For Easter we look all over my house for chocolate eggs. For Halloween we go trick or treating and hand out lots of fun candy. For New Years we eat lots of treats and appetizers. That’s why we love the holidays and our house around that time.

My house has a ton of memories like my birthdays when I got the La La Lopsy I always wanted. Another memory Was when I made my first apple pie. Yum Yum. My mom and dad have a lot of memories too like Mother’s Day when I made a big breakfast for my mom all by myself or when I made my dad a picture of him.He was so happy. I love my house because of all my family and those holidays and memories.