Grade 5


My Home

My home means a lot to me. It means family,friends and fun. There is also work, chores and lots of sports like hockey and soccer. My younger brother and I do soccer and my older brother and younger brother and I do hockey as well. Then there’s hip hop which my other brother does (I have 4 brothers so I know what family is). Then we have chores which aren’t hard,our jobs are plastic, paper,green bin,and garbage and then we have. Our dishwasher job which we will cycle through a chart and we take turns. Finally, we have our room jobs we each have a room to clean.

Then I have my family like my aunts and uncles and my cousins and grandparents, parents and also my brothers. My family means everything to me as you can see. It means fun and games, love,and family get togethers. I love my family more than anything. My favourite holidays are Easter and Christmas because all of my family comes to our house and we’ll have a big fancy dinner and we’ll exchange gifts and spend time together and sometimes we’ll even watch a movie together. On New Year’s Eve my aunt and uncle and cousin will come over and we’ll watch lots of movies together and stream the ball drop. We half to stream it because we only have Netflix. So this is what family means to me: safe, life, fun, bravery, family, caring, comfortable with surroundings, and so much more family means EVERYTHING!