Grade 4


My Home

Love. Home is love because when I walk into my home after school my family will welcome me so I will smile and my dog will wag his tail and jump up on me. I love that. I feel relieved when I’m at home because I can cuddle up on the couch, watch t.v., drink hot chocolate and have lots of time to rest before my next activity. If I’m in bed and can’t sleep, then I will go downstairs and tell my mom and she will help me and do everything she could, too. Every day I know there is food for me waiting to be eaten and even better it’s made by my mom. Yumm! My mom makes lots of desserts so when I walk into my home it smells like a bakery. My home gives me a roof above my head to keep me warm and dry and I know not all people have homes, so that makes me feel lucky. At home I know I can rely on my family to keep secrets and I can talk about problems and they won’t tell anyone else. I can be silly and nobody will make fun of me. My home keeps me safe; safe from embarrassment. My home has a cozy feeling to it; it makes me feel wonderful. Home has memories, good and bad, with people that I love. Most of my memories are wonderful so I never want to leave. When there are winter holidays we decorate, celebrate and sing around the tree or light the candles on the menorah together. If I didn’t have a house I would still have a home – my family and I take that with me everywhere I go.