Grade 5


My Home

What home means to me is that my home is warm. My home has a place to eat, wake up to the sun and to wake up with a roof over my head. My home has lots of stuff. We are not rich but all I wanted when I moved was just to have a place to rest after a big day – also to sleep. My home has a place to be free and to eat warm food. Also when i come home, I get to see the best people ever; my mom, my dad, also my brother and the best thing in the world, my dog Bella. When I see everything I love, the warm food that my mom and dad cook, when me and my brother get to play outside. We are very lucky but we know some people don’t have home. Some live on the streets; some in airports too. But I know some day that all the people that live on the streets and airports will all find a way out of the situation they are in.