Grade 6

New Brunswick

My happy place

Creek! The sound of the school bus opening after a long week at school. I could not wait to step off the last step of the big yellow school bus and have my fat, fluffy and absolutely adorable cat rubbing all over me. It was the perfect way to end the week, to me at least some people do not have a home to arrive at after a long week at school if they even have the opportunity to go to school.

For example my home is one of the only places where I can express myself with full power a place where my family spends Christmas and birthdays and other holidays, and I cannot imaging not having a home. At my house there is a busy calendar a loud blender and a fridge full of food all things that are aspects of my home.

Therefore some people would die to have my family, my house and my environment because sadly not everybody has a family and a place to call home. It’s sad but reality is sad. So we need to raise awareness about the homeless and try to help these people, just because they do not have a home does not mean they are not humans they have a story they were not just born without a home.

I tumbled down the stairs well being chased by my brother, we have our ups and downs but memories are memories you can only erase the ones you do not have. My one piece of advice is that you should most definitely not take home for granite.

So how would you reacted if you got your home and possibly even your family just takin away? I do not think anyone would reacted well but it happens every single day it’s sad that this occurs and it’s not just a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle to solve so we have to help the homeless people and try to provide them a home environment with nice, kind people to support the situation. So let’s help the homeless people to provide a warm and cozy home that’s filled with love!
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