Grade 5


My great place is home

Home is a place where you don’t get hurt

Home is a place where I do my work

Home is a place that feels relaxing

When you have to eat there’s your family cooking

Sometimes our parents are arguing

Sometimes our parents are loving

My brother can be noisy, but I can be the peace maker

When it’s cold on the shower

You dream about a castle with a tower

In your house you’re having fun

Especially when your number one

Sometimes where having family game night

And in the morning it’s shining bright

When it’s winter it’s cold

But inside your house it feels like gold

My house is a great place to be

When my mom is taking care of me

The great part is our home

When we don’t have home we can’t live

Every people are happy because they have right to live

Home is where people live

World is our home

Its like where people live

Home is a safe place for us

It’s not like people have a home

You me my dad mom is suppose to be proud having home

I like when every body have home it made me feel great and happy

Home is where I live