Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Friday Night

My Friday Night
Have you ever had a day where you just want to be done with the world? “All I want to do is go home and sleep.” As I say while my eyes are closing and again and again. It’s been a very long and tiring day of school.” The bell going to ring in 10,9,8,7… “RIIINNGGG” “Woo”! Another great end to another great week

“Come on we got to get the back seats” says Lindsay while we walk up the stairs and on to the bus.” Come on come on” she yells at me. I can’t wait to be home and laying on my bed. While the bus bumps down the road I can almost imagine my bed in my head. As soon as I get home I drop my book bag on the floor and run straight to my room. As I run by I see all the pictures on the fridge stickers on our doors and candles everywhere .

While I’m lying on my bed watching a movie I hear my mom coming in the door. “Hello I’m home did anybody call?” “No mom no one called”. I say back to her. ”Hey mom do you need help making supper tonight?” “Sure sweetie”! She yells from the kitchen. As I walk out of my room I hear the sizzling of the meat in the pan. “Taco Friday”! I can’t wait to barge in to those tacos and demolish them.

Once I’m finished supper I work on my home work for that night or week. After that I normally will pack my lunch but since today is Friday I don’t need to. Then I will normally watch some sports game that is on, with my dad. After that I will start getting ready for bed. Like brush my teeth and floes my teeth and get a drink of water before bed. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty god Friday night to me.

As I slip into my fluffy sheets I dream of being a homeless person and living on the streets. Going from street to street every night trying to find a more comfy spot to sleep. When I grow up I hope a have a home. I could not even imagine being homeless and not having a safe place to be when you’re hurt or sink. Could you?