Grade 6


My Favorite Place to be

Home is my favorite place to be in the whole world!!!!
All the delectable smells that come wafting out of the kitchen when meals are made. After little hands have come to help cleaning up is such a chore because flour is covering the floor. Kitchens are one of the most favored places in in a home.

Believe it or not I share a room with 3 other people, and my room is still one of my favorite places to be. A room is where dreams are had, books are read quietly, games are competed, and memories cherished. Bedrooms are wonderful places to be.

I’ve had so many great memories in my living room. We have all had fun during family movie nights, and other family events. To me living rooms are great for sitting in your favorite chair, curled up under a cozy blanket reading an intriguing book. Living rooms are peaceful places to be.

If you carefully venture down the stairs into my spacious basement there’s toys, and art supplies galore. With so many children nowhere is ever clean or tidy. I have had so many wonderful, humorous memories in my basement. Basements are playful places to be.

When you journey out the door you’ll enter my porch. In my porch two entertaining, playful kittens are living there. There’s so many places to sit in my porch. Porches are calming places to be.

Once you arrive in the yard there’s so much to explore. There’s trees to climb, slides to slide down, and pets to play with. My yard holds so many fond memories. Yards are thrilling places to be.

Home is my favorite place to be in the whole world!!!!