Grade 5


My Family Means to Me…

“Home is a loving please to be” here let’s start at the beginning in the morning are pancakes,food and more so I see that some family don’t get food its sad. I’m glad that I get food and a family. oh back to my morning before I even get to eat my Brother start a fight he is always losing and l I’m winning.

In the afternoon we have dinner and I’m still sad because other people have no place to live or eat it is very sad I am grateful that I can have dinner and have a place to live but when my Brother comes to the dinner table he start anotherr fight I stop him and tell him to sit down and eat and usually have fry’s for dinner.

At the end of the day I have one more fight it’s usually a pillow me and my brother always have a fight at the end of the day then that’s my entire day.

My family might be crazy but I still love it. I wish everybody could have a home in the world.but I’m grateful that I have my own house to live in. Because l’m Grateful that I can protect the stuff I have and that’s what I’m Grateful for.