Grade 5

salt spring island
British Columbia

my family, and farm

My family, and farm

by Izzy Nowell

At my home I write lots of poems play with my pets and lay with my pets. I have a fire on the weekend and party on the holidays, Home is fun, home is a tun. I have three goats and 2 boats, I have bunnies and I always get the funnies. In winter I play, I play all day. Home means to me I am lucky to be free and I have wonderful things on my farm. I have pets I have toys I have boats and best of all I have family. I feel happy and sad when pets die when other people come over I sometimes feel shy, I feel scared when predators are close. I have a awesome life, my mom and dad my brother and sister they all make life swell. My sister Amy is so nice she makes this family sparkle,my brother Silas fills this family with laughter, my mom Julie she makes us dinner every night and my dad Matt he is so caring he is also the coach of my soccer team, everyone is great.

The End