Grade 6

New Brunswick

my crazy home

The belle rings as I leave the class with a big stamped of kids thru the hall. I squeeze thru the doors and finale I’m out. Then I walk to the big yellow school bus. I see other kids running walking skipping and jogging. And I get on the bus sit down I hear screaming and yelling. As I jest dream of getting to my house. And felling like I’m safe. Finally the big yellow bus stops and I get off. I walk down my drive way. I open the door and steep in to my home. I’m not thinking of how much homework I have I’m thinking of how I’m safe. I walk down the hall on the squeaky floor I rub my hand on the bumpy green wall and flop on my bed. Oh how much I love my bed! With the fleece blankets. I lay there for about 10 minutes. Then I go and do my homework as I small something yummy cooking I yell to my mom and say what’s for supper she yells back and says tacos. Yum I think of how I cant wait for supper. After that moth watering meal it’s time for bed

So I go and pot my fuzzy pj on walk down my hall and in to my laundry room get my tooth. past and my tooth brush then brush my teeth wash my face . Then I go and give my mom a hug and a kiss my dad a hug and a kiss and my dog a hug and a kiss. Then I say good night.

I crawl in to my bed close my eyes and dream about how lucky I am to have a home. Although it’s messy and lode I love it. Have you ever took a minute and thought of how lucky you are to have a home. Think of all those homeless people who don’t have a home. Like on those really cold nights where they can’t crawl in to a nice worm bed.