Grade 6

New Brunswick

My Comfy Cozy Home

“Come on Samson we need to pick up groceries before everyone gets here! I’m coming mom just wait a second.” I definitely don’t like doing groceries because it’s boring for me. “Hurry we’re going to be late. Can’t I just stay home by myself so that I can lay down on my cozy toasty warm bed.” Then, I almost forgot who was coming over to eat with us!

“Oh wait Nan and pop are coming over for a celebration and a home cooked meal”! I’m so excited. I can’t wait until we celebrate my birthday. I`m so lucky that I can celebrate many traditions for example Christmas, Birthdays, New Years, Easter, Halloween and many more! Actually I wish that everyone could celebrate the same things that I do.

I`m also very excited about tomorrow because all kinds of my friends are coming over! We get to go downstairs and play ping pong and watch movies together. Then we are going to play road hockey and basketball outside. After we finish playing outside my mom will have a dish of juicy cut up fruit for us inside. It’s going to be a blast!

I adore going up in my bedroom while doing homework and especially listening to music. My favorite music is pop. It always gets me pumped up! Sometimes when I’m listening to music I can even smell the delicious meals being cooked in the kitchen. My favorite meal to have is spaghetti with garlic bread. Finally, I also love coming back from a long day at school and exhaustedly flopping on my super comfortable beige couch!
Home is safe, warm and cozy to me. It`s a place where I can always enjoy family and friends! I can definitely be so thankful for my home. Therefore everyone certainly needs to know that. Not everyone can have a nice safe place that they can be excited to see every day.