Grade 6


My Cherished Home

When I first walk into my home I fell safe.

When I first glance in my home I see the living room. It has brown couches that will comfort you with fluffy and puffy cushions. I remember when it is Christmas. We invite the family over and then open our Christmas presents with love and smiles
In the dining room we have a huge brown table and brown chairs with silky, cushions where I eat supper with my family as we share laughter and giggles. We tell stories about our day and how it went. After we eat supper we feed our adorable sugar bears.

The kitchen reminds me of making creamy chocolate cookies with my loving mom. We make a delicious dinner for our caring family of six.
To some people a bedroom is just a bed, rugs, and lights but to me a bedroom is a place I can relax and read booms about mysterious things and places. My parents lovingly tuck me in before I go to sleep and kiss me good night.

On our deck there is a hot tub where my mom, dad, and I usually go in every night.

In our basement there is my parent’s bedroom. In my parent’s bedroom is where I stay home when I’m sick. There is also a pool table where my mom and I play pool together and there is a craft booking area for my mom and me to do crafts to calm down
In our family room there are 13 round mirrors that remind me of the 13 people that come over on holidays so we could catch up on what is going on in their lives. There are also two white couches were we usually lay down .

That is what home means to me.