Grade 5

St. Catharines

My Busy Morning

Beep!Beep!Beep!My VERY LOUD alarm clock goes off! I get up in the morning, (but i always want to sleep 2 minutes more but unfortunately I can’t.) Anyways……I go downstairs and say hello to everyone then my mom and dad ask, ”What would you like to eat?”
I reply “Pancakes with nutella on it”
(try it one day it’s delicious) After that wonderful plate of goodness i say “Thanks mom and dad for the wonderful breakfast”
I go up to my bedroom get dressed, brush my teeth and do my hair. I hear my mom in the distance saying “If you don’t hurry you will be late for school”
I run out of the washroom slide my shoes, jacket and of course my backpack on and walk out the door.Then i remember my sister, i yell“Jessica”! Luckily she is awake and she comes down dressed and ready!That is a relief but bad news is that we were already 10 minutes LATE to leave the house. (5 minutes later)…. We get into the warm toasty car and buckle ourselves up and my dad drives us to school! Finally! Everyone has the right to feel safe throughout their day just like i did. Home means family to me it’s where my story starts and ends.
The end