Grade 5


Muhammed’s Home Means To Me Paragraph

Here is what home means to me. There is no other place like my home. To me home is a place that wherever I go my home is still there. Like, if I go to shopping and come back, everything is the way that it was when I went. Home is a place where you can do whatever I want and no one can can judge me or bother me. For example if I am doing my homework, no one will ask me, “Why are you doing your homework?”. So what I mean is that you can do your work and everyone does theirs. Home is a really comfy and a private place. I can do things like writing in a dairy, texting etc. Home is a place where I can feel safe and loved. Home is also the place i spend most of time. Home is a place where I am free to do what what I feel like. For example, if I am at a mall, I cannot eat as much as I want, but at home I can eat until I am full. In a mall, there’s lots of noise unlike my home. These are the reasons why I think that that home is the best place on Earth.
By: Muhammed Gangat