Grade 5


More Than a House

More than a house

Home is more than just a house
A hole to a small dainty house
Open the doors, have some food
You’re luckier than some who are just like you

It’s a place where you eat
And a place where lots of memories keep
It’s full of love, and fun too
Every home is different, only one’s for you

Home is more than bricks and wood
People don’t value it as much as they should
It takes a lot to build a house
With plaster and bricks and everything else

People live on the streets
No place to live or food to eat
They live a very dark life
But we can help them find a light

We’ll build and build, every day
Their darkness might just go away
We’ll build them a shelter, no a home
Their house will be a place where they can roam.