Grade 5


Mohib-Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home Essay

A home is the best thing you could wish for. A home is a place where you keep your lifelong memories. For example: birthdays, anniversaries, babies being born, etc. In a home you are safe from awful or unpleasant things. In a home you can prepare your meals then eat them. You have comfy and comfortable beds here to sleep/rest in. You can stay in the house if you are sick, hot, cold or tired. Here you can go to a proper bathroom with a working sink, toilet, etc. You can clean yourself here like taking a shower/bath.

Not having a home would be tough. You would have no bed to take a nice, comfortable good night sleep. You would have to sleep on the floor or on the sidewalk. You would have no place to be protected from the rain/snow or awful and disturbing things. You would have no place to prepare and eat food. You would have no place to take warm showers and baths. You would have no place to go when you are sick,hot,cold or tired. And you would have no toilet or sink.

Lastly, I would like to explain how we can help these homeless people. We can make more shelters and everybody in Canada has to donate at least $10 every month. We can also make more homes for these homeless people. That is my explanation on how we can help homeless people in need of a home and money.