Grade 6


Memory Lane at Christmas

Christmas is the time of year that brings back old memories and make makes new memories to get back in future years. The smell of the tantalizing cookies, or a gigantic with blanket of sparkling snow covering my home that has the most beautiful colors inside. Stories told, jingling sleighs, dazzling parades and the joyful excitement on my families and friends faces are unforgettable.

During this time of year my secure home has my family’s impressive tree up and those final touches perfected. You see it’s not always the sights you see or how you feel it’s also the tastes, the sounds, the smell or peppermint or that soft blanket against your toasty skin. My home has astonishing decorations that make me filled with delight that’s after the big grey cup party of course. When I think of my home I think of my home at Christmas every time.

Home should be savored since it has given so many deserving families a bundle of joyful memories. How it comforts me is so unbelievably overfilling with gratefulness. All of what I just wrote is what home means to me and is what I know as my delightful home.