Grade 6



“Hello! Do come in. Let me take your coat. Would you like a hot coco? Sure it’s raining outside but my tasty hot treat and flickering fire should keep you warm. Isn’t this nice. I’m Jack. (If you didn’t already know) I always loved these kind of days when I was young. It was an opportunity for us to watch a movie eating buttery popcorn and …”

A tear falls down my cheek.” Sorry but the memories I have in this house bring happiness, sure, but also bring sadness because my dear old mother is gone to heaven. I inherited this house from her. Here I can remember everything from the past- when I look at the stairs I remember my sister and I racing to the kitchen to eat those great cookies my mother used to bake, or looking at that old rustic couch reminds me of the whole family sitting on it on Christmas morning.” I look down. Then I get a bright idea. “Oh, do you want me to show you around? Alright then let’s get a move on.”

“Here is the famous kitchen I was talking to you about. Please do not look at the mess. I am embarrassed. Ooh! Look here, you are very lucky because I have one cookie left. Hope you like extra chocolate, chocolate chip cookies!!! Wait a minute, let me get you a glass of milk.”

“Now where to next hmmm… I know… the living room!” We walk through the hallway. “The living room is right behind this door. But before we enter I must warn you, what is playing is something you have never seen before.” I open the door. What was playing was a Barbie movie. “What? My sister and I used to watch it. It made us feel free and in a world of fantasy. Okayyy! Let’s move on but before we do, sit down on this soft and poofy couch. Comfy right! Come’ we still have other rooms to see.”

“Here was our play room but now it’s my office.” We both enter the room. In the back of the room we could see a desk. The whole room looked like a normal office except if you really look closely you could find little toys like wooden trains, blocks and a teddy bear. There were also girl toys like dolls. “I’m not exactly finished.” BOOM! “Pardon, that must be one of the books on the shelf upstairs that fell. There’s one of the books that’s on the edge. Every time I go in my library it’s tipping. Want to take a peek? Let’s go see it!”

We walk up the spiral staircase. “The first door on the right is the library.” You enter. “I was right! Look the book is on the floor.” I pick it up and place it back on the shelf but before I do, I run my fingers through the pages and smile. “My mom always wanted me to read this book. I finally read it (20 years later).” I walk out of the room and head down the hall. “I have one last room I think would be important for you to see.”

I open the door. “Here is my bedroom.” My whole room was filled with pictures of my sister, my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt and my uncle on one long, wooden shelf. A simple blue bed with a night table and lamp was placed at the other side of the room. “This was the place that every time I got hurt, that I was mad, sad, or just frustrated, someone would come in and talk to me. Would convince me that everything will be alright. A place where sure, sometimes I was punished, but all of this was for my own good.” “My mom did everything she could to make me a better person. This house was home to all the memories that created me.”

“What makes home a home to me is all the feelings you feel. But unfortunately, there is one thing that a lot of us neglect: I can’t even walk downtown without seeing one homeless person. It burns me up inside to think that some people can’t afford homes and lots of us don’t do anything about it. I personally appreciate what some people do for the homeless. So they can be loved and have a life like us. They should have the same thing we do. All I can say is that everyone deserves to be loved and have a home.”

“Wait a minute I’m not done. There is one more thing that tears me up, orphans. Sure they have a home but home is not a home if there is no one to kiss your forehead at night. No one to hug you when you are sad. And no one to punish you when you have done something wrong.”

“A home is where memories are kept and a loving family is there whenever you need them. But, it’s also a place where your tears can run freely.”