Grade 6


Meanings of Home

Home means a lot to many people. It really means something special to me.

What home means to me is my family. I’m very close to each and every one of my family members. I feel welcome and safe because I have company with me and i don’t have to worry about anything. my family is at home to help me, protect me and support me with anything I need, there very special to me.

Another reason what home means to me is safety. I’m thankful for enough food in my home to make me safe and healthy, with a roof over my head to protect me from any harsh weather or animals and clean water and working electricity. I feel humble and peaceful and of course safe in my home.

My last reason what home means to me is my friends and neighbors. I feel safe just in case anything bad happens they can help, I trust them. My family helps my neighbors and they help us back which is very nice of us and our neighbors. My friends are always there for me just in case I need help.

these are some reasons what home means to me.
By: Alexandra Araga