Grade 6


meaning or hom3

To me the meaning of home is family and warm hugs. The felling of knowing that your family is there for you. But sometimes so people don’t have the warm feeling of hugs sometimes people. Some people family will not be there. No cooked meals you got to fight steel for food that’s not right. Have you ever thought of choosing between food and a warm bed? I have. Some people loess there home cause of the cant pay rent or the got the biasness bankrupted. If they just lost their job. However they lost their house there good people. Hey maybe they do have a home I guess the lighthouse is a good home. see if I was rich I would buy a big house but I’m not so I give them money and or food now come on people lets help people don’t be greedy they are people to . If you be nice to them the well love and be nice. Keep loving them and the will stay with you the will keep coming back. But if you be rude they will not like people come on pleas and help give them a hand. Love them and they will love you