Grade 5


Meaning Of My Home

My home is the best home in the world. It is the best home because I have a air hockey table in the house and I have a bed and a tv and a mom and a dad and a sister and two nanas and a papa. I have a cat and lizard and its name its name is Midas. I have a xbox 360 and a laptop and in the back yard I have a swing set and a trampoline. In the shed I have two bikes and a y flicker and a motor scooter and 3 baseball bats and a baseball mit. In the basement there is a desktop and a washroom and a drier room. In the living room there is 2 couches and a table and a tv . All these things make me love my home. I know them well and feel safe. We should help those that don’t have homes so they can feel safe like us