Grade 5

north saanich
British Columbia

meaning of home / le sens d’un chez soi.

The meaning of home, home is a place i walk to after school , it is a place that is safe .
Home is a place that i can think of while i am at school .
It is a place that i can call , home no one can call it home because it is my house ,
Home is where i fall asleep every night . It is a place where i can dream.
You can be anything you want like an explorer and you’re home could be your jungle.

Anything can happen at home ,It is a place where you learn to ride you’re bike it is a place where you can do anything you please.

When you walk in to that perfect pace you know right then and that moment a person will remember for ever.
It is a place where no one can harm you,Its a place where anything can happen in all of our amazing and ordinary great minds .

But most important when i am walking with my parents on the side walk or out in town i see people that do , not have the chance to do those things that we can. like we have a home and they have the side walk i think and i believe that in a year or so they could have a home or a job, or they live at the local home for the homeless , but i realize how lucky i am to have these things .

Like when i get older i will still have these things and they could still be siting on the side of the road waiting for someone to take them in like one of there own . But people have to remember they are human to.

But really home is a place that i will remember for my hole in tire life how long or short it is .

People should realize what they are doing to those people because it may or may not hurt there feeling’s .
most importantly every single person in the hole entire world because it is a gift , because we are alive and we couldn’t be alive .

But really people should act like they care that we are alive because it is important if we were not born we would not exist and no one will know you because , you were not alive . You’re life has a meaning everyone’s meaning of there life is different .

Everyone in the hole entire world are different there are these sain’s that there is 5 people in the hole world but i do not believe in that i believe that i am unoriginal because i am myself and no one is like me , and it is me to my humour to my personality i am unoriginal .

I am my own person , i have my own personality and no one in the hole entire world , and no one has the exact same home as me . I believe that every one is different , and there home ‘s are different to .

Home is a place where everything can happen , anything and i mean anything can happen at home , really anything can happen anything .

Just think it is always the wood that ties your house and all the memorize in side of your house together . Your house , and no one will no how it feels to have your house because it is not there’s . everyone feels differently about there house and i do not no how that feels because it is not my home , or house or whatever you call it .

You are the only one in the hole entire world tho can think of home like you,
and that is what home means to me !


la maison pour moi , et un place ou je peux aller quand je suis ,
afrèer de quelque chose come je suis un exploreur et la maiso et la jungle, beaucoup de chose peux aller a la maison.

Mes quand je march avec maman ou papa je voi beaucoup de personnes qui n’a pas un maison et je pence que les personne peux faire bon chose et it ou elle peux aller faire dui arjent a un job et il peux abiter a une maison pour lui meme .