Grade 6

New Maryland
New Brunswick

Meaning of home essay

Scott Durepos
Mrs. Gallant LA
Due November 4th 2016
The Meaning of Home
Have you ever wondered what it would be like without a home? Without a toasty warm place, where your best memories are held, or a family who loves them no matter what? Well there are some people who experiences it every single day, and they wonder what it would be like to have a home.
Brrrring, the bell rang and I forced my way through all of the students going through the tiny double doors and onto my bus crowded with people. As I trudged down the narrow aisle, I spotted an empty seat and then, collapsed on it. At least I was going home. Later the bus screeched to a halt at the corner of Daniel Drive and Sprucewood Drive. The doors opened, and I bounded down the steps thinking of home, and what home is to me.
For me, home is a place where I am safe, dry, and where everyone can get rest. It’s where we all have fun, play games, and where my greatest memories are held. A tasty meal is waiting on the table for me to devour, after a long day. It’s also where my relatives visit, and we all spend time together. This is what home is to me.
You see, home is different for everybody. Home can be your school, where your family lives, your street, or the countryside, pretty much anywhere. But what really defines a home, is where fun, happiness, and memories ly. If you have a house, it’s not necessarily your home. If for example, you are on a hockey rink almost all day every day, then that could be your home, so essentially you can take, your home with you, anywhere!
Home is a fun, happy, and safe place, but as stated above, some people don’t have this luxury of a good home due to, mental health, illness, money issues, or even illegal drugs, crime, and alcohol. They now live on the streets, they still have a home but it doesn’t treat them as our homes treat us. Now, to conclude I have a message that you all can take with you, “home is where the heart is”.