Grade 6


Meaning Of Home Essay

Home means a place to stay overnight. It is the one place in the world that you always want to be at. And I have three reasons why home is special. Firstly, you have food and water. Secondly, there is shelter and safety. And finally, you have parents or loving people there with you. Here is what I think of home.
First, we will start off with food and water. If you have food and water you have a very good life. Here is why. Food and water are very important. Without it, not many people survive. In a home you can find food and water. But if somebody does not have food and water they will not likely survive .
Now, we will talk about shelter and safety. Shelter and safety are very important. Without shelter you will get rained on, snowed on, and hailed on. All of those cause sickness. And, if you do not have much money, then you cannot pay for a cure. So that leads to death.
Finally, we will speak of parents and loving people. Parents are good. Even without parents, there are people that are loving and will invite you in. Either way you get a lot of fun. They help you do stuff, they make food for you and they buy a lot of stuff for you. They give you hugs and kisses. And when you are hurt they comfort you. With a home comes the benefit of a parent or guardian.
In conclusion, home comes with many things. So do not underestimate your home. Everyone that has one is very lucky. To quote Oliver Wendell Holmes “Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave but not our hearts.”