Grade 6


Meaning of Home


Home can mean countless different things to many different people. To some people it can mean a building with family and friends, to others it can not be reached but lies in the heart. Although there are many versions of what home is, this is what a home means to me. A home is somewhere in which you can always come back to, a place where you will never be harmed or mistreated. When your at home you can feel like you belong and are with friends and family who love you dearly. When your at home it should feel like you are there, at a place you can feel safe and have a place to rest and eat. At your home you should not be judged for your appearance, you should be comfortable sharing your thoughts, ideas and emotions without someone telling you that they are wrong or not important. A home is not a building because a building is made of cement and brick, a home is made out of those who you love and those who love you, a home is made of memories positive or negative. Although a home can be many things, many things can not be a home.