Grade 4

Drayton Valley

Meaning of Home

I love my home because I share it with my family.Home makes me happy Home makes me feel safe.I have walls that protect my home, even me. I will always
have memories of my Home.Home is my place Home is where we live Home is my hero. Home is where I will never forget Home is where I will always live and have fun.I love spending time
with my family in my home I don’t want to move because I love my home and my friends. Home is where I play home is where I relax.When I open my window love sprays out.I don’t want to leave because I have a measure wall in my house.Home is my place to stay home is what I love the most. When I go anywhere I won’t forget Home.Home is where I will stay.When I am at Home I sit by the fireplace. It keeps me warm and cozy I love my kitchen. I love my room I love my front yard I love the back I love my warm cozy home.