Grade 6


meaning of home

Home is where memories never fade away
There is never a time when u are afraid
It does not matter if u are below average you can still be king
Is where thoughts and feelings are
Is where you get comfort and love
And has always been here till now
Is where all your memories are stored
Is where you take your first step
And it is the happiest place on this earth
Endless love is always there
Is where love is always there
Home is where you learn to flee
Is where everyone should have
Is where you discover interesting things
Is where you get new things
Is where you learn new things
Home is where you see night stars falling across the sky
Home is always by your side
Home is a place where all your wishes come throw
Home is where you get attention and comfort from your glorious family members from all around the world.
Home is a wonderful place where no other place can compare it gives a wonderful feeling in your heart that will never break apart. But we all should never forget < that there is no place like home.