Grade 5


meaning of home

Meaning of home
Home, a place we live, sleep, and eat. We spend most of our time too. We all take home for granted but ,what dose it really mean.
Home, is having a roof over your head keeping you safe from the cold weather. home is having roof and walls but there I way more.
Home is coming from a long day of school/work and getting to relax and do whatever you find relaxing lay down, take, a nap,you can do whatever! you might get homework to but that’s not the point . and sometimes your frustrated because something happed at work/school home is where you can cry as hard as you can and nobody will make fun of you. Home has a vary great vibe that you cant help but smile
But sometimes you need a break from home so you take a vacation. no matter how fun it was or how long you went, but coming home gives you a thrill!
Although home is so many things some people don’t have a home  but together we can make a difference . community by community, city by city, province by province , county by country
We can change the world!!!!!!