Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of home

Meaning of home

Once upon of time I was at school.When the teacher said you were dismissed, I jumped
out of my chair and ran to my locker.When the bell rang I was so happy I am going home.I ran through the doors and ran to my bus.When I walked in the bus the seats were comfortable.I was so happy that I am going.When I sat on the seat I said I am finally at home.When I saw my house I said that I am very lucky to have a house.I got off the bus and walked straight to my house.

Once I enter my house I have a hot meal on the table.When I come in my house I say hello to my mom and dad.Sometimes for a hot meal I have rice or pasta.Home is brilliant place to me.Once I go for sleep.I have my own room that is hot and dark.In my room I have a nice cozy bed.And I have a cozy pillow and a nice blanket.In my house I have a nice heating and cooling system.

Once I go to sleep I think about people who don’t have shelters to sleep in.In my house there are things to play with like iPad,tv and Other things to do.Also my fridge is always full with food.In our country there are many homeless people.When I come back from school I have so much home homework assignments.When I see a homework assignment I get so stressed .

There are people who have no shelter and sleep on hard cement.And even people sleep in other people’s basements.I am very lucky to have a house.Home is a relaxing place.Some people die because they don’t have any water,food or shelter.In my house I am free and I can do what I want in my house.Home means a lot to me.Some people die because they don’t have any shelter And die in the snow and rain by freezing cold.

Even if I have a small house I am still lucky.I am very lucky that my fridge is always full and there is always a hot meal on the table.Me and my brother are very lucky to have a house and go to school.And in some other country’s people don’t have money to send there kids to school.Home is one of my favourite places to be and I am very thankful to have a house.I hope you are happy with your house.