Grade 4


Meaning of home

Meaning of home. a home what kind of things that you do?you can go to bed and play in the basement and play on the counter and play on there so and you can eat to and you can go outside in the backyard to and you know there’s other house’s to and you play all day you can play on the ipad and on the computer to and you can play pc to and elite xbox 76784 and you and you what you do in the house you can eat junk food but don’t eat to much of that food it’s bad for you you get fat and what can you do? You don’t know well ask your mom and dad to buy you all that stoff then they will buy you all stoff and that’s all well there’s more as well there’s more good food and there milk to and cheeze and shirt’s and pant’s shoes and boot and a backpack and you know what elas and you know there’s chips and once’s your done then pay them and go home and cook and eat and when it’s bed time everyone has to go to sleep and yea that’s it and goodbye.thank’s for reading with me and i hop you have a great day goodbye.