Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home
Home to me is family
Family is home

So much importance
Comfort, safety, freedom, care
All so important

Love is always there
We are all loved by someone
Love stays in our hearts

Comfortable home
We feel comfort in our homes
It makes me feel safe.

Feeling safe at home
Safe in our warm, cozy home
Warm, cozy, safe home

Family is there
Family care about you
They will stay with you

Friends are there for you
They stay with you when in need
Awesome friends we have

On bright summer nights
We eat so much ice cream, yum
Makes me want to smile

I remember times
Fun times we spend together
Like celebrations

Sometimes I feel sad
I can’t stay that way for long
They will not let me

Dancing, singing, joy
So much happiness I feel
Hope it stays this way

I feel myself there
I can be myself at home
No one can change me