Grade 6

New Brunswick

Meaning of home

Home is a place to thrill everyone’s day. Maybe after a hard day of work or school. Peaceful there is so many ways to say how home is amazing. Home is a all around good place to be. With beds and a family is the most important thing. Home is a place to share your feelings with everyone around you.

Or even just to relax and chill out. Having a home is having a roof over your head and be able to do things not all people can do. Food to eat drink of your choice you are in control of you same with others around you.

You can celebrate holidays with each other. Have a meal and talk with your family and maybe learn something new that you did not know. Playing video games or even playing a board game. I’ve had my house for over a decade. It has been a awesome long lived years in the home. I love the home as much as my family does today

Everyday i will come to that same home I will care for it and love it. Share stuff from hard day’s or just even interesting facts about something. It will always be there when I need it and to climb into bed and lay there and go to sleep. And forever knowing I will be safe in this house I live in right now.