Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

is where family
is, and when you mom
gives you a kiss. Home is a place
where you feel secure, for any bad illness,
call it a cure. Home is a place where you feel warm and
fuzzy, and if you have one you are so very
lucky. Think of the people who don’t have
a home I bet they often feel very alone. H
ome is a place where you can go, when y
ou feel full of sorrow. Home is a place tha
t has A.C, and lot’s of bathrooms for you t
o go pee. Cozy beds and blankets rest, in
your home they’re just the best! when you
come out of a day thats just not the best, i
ts nice to go there to rest. But thats a thing
that only a home can contain, and its a nic
e refresh for your brain. in the sun or in the
rain, home is where you go, you should be
thankful for that, because if you’re not you’
re a brat. Home is a place where you can c
~~~~hill, be grateful for that if you will.~~~~

|Mom’s are people who you often see in these
|Elephants are a thing you don’t
|And if you think you’ll see a giraffe, well you just won’t
|Neighbors are a key component in this and
|In this there are many enjoyable things but
|Not many that aren’t.
|Grandparents are another thing that you might see
|Or maybe a dog or a cat
|Fans keep it cool
|Heaters keep it hot
|Of all these things I’ve said so far oh the
|Many things I said
|Everyone will know now that I’m speak of a comforting place called home.