Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

is where family
is, and when your mom
gives you a kiss. Home is a place
where you feel secure, for any bad illness,
call it a cure. Home is a place where you feel warm
and fuzzy, and if you have one you are so very lucky. Think
of the people who don’t have a home, I bet they often feel very
alone. Home is a place where you can go, when
you feel full of sorrow. Home is a place that has
A.C, and lot’s of bathrooms for you to go pee.C-
ozy beds and blankets rest, in your home they-
’re just the best! when you come out of a day t-
hats just not the best, its nice to go there to r-
est. But thats a thing that only a home can c-
ontain, and its a nice refresh for your brain. I
n the sun or in the rain, home is where you g-
o, you should be thankful for that, because if
you’re not you’re a brat. Home is a place we-
re you can chill, be grateful for that if you will.