Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a place where you can be loved, feel safe and secure. Some families can afford a home, but the truth is not everyone can afford a home. Some families can afford to keep their kids happy and healthy. Happy, loving memories are beautiful things, but some people can’t have that. People that have houses feel happy, safe, secure and loved, but some people can’t feel that. Some families can afford proper clothing for all seasons. Some parents work for their kids to keep them happy and healthy. Some people can’t work though. I have a brother and we love each other, but some people just don’t have a sibling(s). Some people are well fed and have happy memories. Some people also can’t afford to buy food or keep healthy and they starve or even worse. Home is where you can work and pay back what your parents do for you to keep you happy. Home is where you say your first word and where you learn to crawl. But some people can’t do all those amazing things. Let them have happy memories and live a long happy life. We can help.