Grade 6


Meaning of Home

The Definition of Home
By: Rayya Mcleod
The definition of home is not just a word. It isn’t something that you hear, to truly understand what it means, you have to understand that there are other people who don’t have a home, and probably don’t get what a home really is. A home isn’t always a small townhouse, but can also be an apartment building, a mansion or even just a small hut. A home is where you are safe, and you are loved and protected by the ones you care for and the people who care about you, too. Most people love to spend time at home, but you need to be able to leave to understand how much you love it. A lot of people are taken from their home. They are put into residential schools. We need to stop doing all of this. It may seem to help them, but every time they walk far and wide to arrive at school and to get home, they might not make it home. They could die from hypothermia. They could get shot, because a lot of children walk across battlefields, blown up homes, and that is very dangerous! They might take a wrong turn, step on glass or maybe get kidnapped. Some children have to ride on boats, maybe even a raft made from wood, just to get to school. Then, they have to travel for hours, get home and probably do chores. Home is where children and adults feel safe and secure. Some people have elders living with them, or Aunts and Uncles. Home is a house of bricks. Each brick contains a memory. Separately, a brick is just a memory. But together, they are a masterpiece. And we call that masterpiece home.