Grade 6

St. Albert

Meaning of Home

A home is different from a house. My home is a place I want to be all the time. My home is comforting and and I always want to be there. I can always feel comfortable and happy in my home. A home is a place where you make memories and love. A home does not have to be where you live. It could be a park or building where you have made most of your memories, good or bad. Your home is where you go after a hard day and just relax. Your home is where you interact with your family and friends. A home is where you celebrate the small things, and the big ones. My home is my happy place.

Sadly a home is not always good. Sometimes you feel sad or mad at yourself or your family. Often you will disagree with your family. Sometimes you will feel tension in your home. But you will always feel better eventually. And when you you do feel better you can resume the laughter and fun that usually goes on in your home.

In conclusion a home is a place you don’t want to leave, a place you want to be no matter what. A place where you feel emotions. My home is my happy place. Yours should be too.