Grade 6

St. Albert

Meaning of Home

I have many thoughts of what home is one of them is family. Let me tell you what family is. A family is caring. A family is kind. A family is where you make lots memories. A family is always there for you.
I also think that home is friends. Friends are always caring. Friends are always there for you. You make tons of memories with them. Another thing home means to me is pets. Pets make feel better when you’re sad. Pets make you feel happy. Pets make lots of memories with you. Pets make you have fun when you are bored.
Something else that home means to me is love and happiness. Also a home without bad things would make it a home without good things because we would not notice the good things if everything was perfect. A home is when you help someone. A home is where you are loved.
That is what I think home is to me.