Grade 5


Meaning of Home.


Meaning of Home

A home is a place where a family lives peacefully and safely. Everyone would always like to be at home because it is the place a family stays together happily.
I am going to tell some information about my home. My home is a safe and fun place especially when we have dangerous weather problems such as snow storms, thunder, heavy rain and also really hot temperatures. Our home keeps us warm and cozy. In our house we have such good memories like birthday parties and other ceremonies. We have a great time as a family. Without our house we would probably have to live on the streets.
We all need a sofa or some chairs to sit on, a fridge to keep our food cold, a bed to sleep on and a table to study and eat on. We also need a washroom to bathe in and to brush our teeth and to do many more things. When I am sick I stay home in my bed and so my house is no doubt a safe place. We have such a beautiful home that our family is full of glee. Our home could be a camper-van or a boat with lots of rooms. A home is where a family would enjoy. Your home must not just a brick house but a real home (special place).You must help save the people without homes through aid missions. We all need lights but when you are old your light will shine to heaven but you will still remember your old memories.