Grade 5


Meaning Of home

Meaning of Home

A home is a place that will have endless activities that will never be forgotten. It’s where you discover new things taught by your parents as you grow up older. It’s a place where you can read books to learn new words, playing with siblings and make them feel welcomed, and praying for good hopes and wishing for them to come true, where you can eat and where you are thankful for the people who cooked the delicious food for you that you enjoyed, a place where you sleep and dream positive dreams and where you might feel afraid that you have to turn on the nightlight. It’s where you can enjoy the happiness with your family, enjoying board games and watching movies.

A home is where you have many different feelings. You may sometimes feel hurt when you fell, but there is always someone in your family that will give you protection and willing to heal you. You sometimes feel scared and frighten when you’re alone. It’s where you have your ups, it’s sometimes where you’re happy and excited. You sometimes have your downs, its when you feel blue, scared, or worried. But there is your family who is there for you no matter what, they will always support you and take care of you.

A home is where your memories will store. It’s when you had the fun times with your family that will never fade away. It’s a place where the great times you have been. It’s the place where you will always remember the thoughts and the happiness with your family.