Grade 5

Richmond Hill

Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home

First of all, one thing a home is important is because it provides safety. If you have a home, you won’t have to travel all the time trying to avoid violence. You will also have the feeling of warmth and will stay calm because your family will always be there for you. Help will be almost always available since your family will always be nearby in your home.

Love is an important thing that a home gives. It will create less stress because you’ll seem protected and you don’t have to worried about being bullied or hurt. You will also have comfort with a home with love, so you have time to rest. Happiness also helps so you will be encouraged to be hardworking.

Trust is also something that a home gives to people with homes. When you have trust, you will feel relieved because you can trust someone nearby in your home when you’re struggling in difficult times. You may also be proud to have trust and a home. Then maybe in the future, you will end up with courage from your trusted family and they will be there to support you all the time.

A home provides happiness. Happiness can give excitement because there are many things that you can do with a home. That might lead to encouragement to think that many things are possible and that you are very lucky to have a home. Later on, you will start to be hardworking will have a very large chance for a very successful life.

One of the last and most important things that a home provides for us is a family. You will have someone to look up to and you will be very encouraged. You’ll have help from any of your family members almost anytime. A family provides life and without a family, you wouldn’t survive. This is what a home provides so without a home, we wouldn’t be on earth.