Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
Home is a place you can live in.In your home you have toys so you can play.In a house you have a table so we can eat food.At home you have a computer to play games on.Your house has beds so you can sleep on at night time.At your house you can have a sister or brother that you have fun with .A house can be big and small and have cool things like a pool and a balcony.

Your house is a place that you and your family can spend time together.At your house your imagination can run wild. On the weekend you can watch movies on Sundays and on saturday.You can have parties when it is a birthday or a holiday.Your friends can come over for fun or a sleepover..A way you can have fun is by playing hide and seek or go outside and play.Your house is a place that is wonderful and filled with excitement.

You are going to have lots of happy and sad moments of being in a house.You have spent most of your time living in your home.All the wonderful things that you have learned.All the fights you had with your brother or sister about small thing.The times you had fun with you family.The times you cried when you got hurt.It was so much fun living in a house with your family.

I am sad to say that many people around the world don’t have a home.They don’t have enough money to buy a house.Let’ help them by giving food, money and anything that will help them.With your help people can afford a home for them with the money you donated.