Grade 6


Meaning of home

Meaning of home
What home means to me. At home I can cry be sad, be relaxed and even be happy. Not all people have the feeling I have when I’m at home. My house is very welcoming. Whenever someone walks in my house I always try to greet them with the bottom of my heart. My favourite part about my house is that it’s safe. In my house I feel safe because I have a roof and locks. To me houses aren’t safe without a roof and locks. I am very thankful of having a nice house. Some people don’t have nice houses that’s why we need to help them because everyone is equal and that’s the why God made us. At night I feel safe sleeping because of my parents. My parents really love me, they support me, and most important they pray for me. There is absolutely no place like home especially my home.

Do you ever get scared when you are home alone because you hear a noise. Next time you get scared just think that you are safe because you have a protective and safe house.So many people die every year because they have no home. And that’s why I am so thankful for having a home.There are many different types of houses they can rather be big or small personally I don’t care what size of house I have because a house is just where I can eat sleep be loved and even be taken care of. And that’s what we need to help these people that have no houses because we are safe and there not. The way you can help these people is by giving money to foundations like Habitat For Humanity.