Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

Meaning Of Home

Home is the place where you can fantasize and do great things with your family. You can help your family and your family can help you.Great memories are made there with your family, friends and pets.Your bad feeling can wash away and you can build happiness, joy, laughter and good time that lasts as long as you are with them.(And now for a short poem).

My family is nice with a great big smile, but we are not leaving for a while. Everyone’s family is stronger together, and when you are with them you will feel so much better. Your home is mostly all about love, and its where you don’t argue or shove. And everyone loves the place you call home, and is so safe its like a protective dome, (End of short poem).

That was a small poem about my home and I think all people should have a home. A home is in all shapes and sizes, for there is a townhouse, a detached house, a mansion, an apartment and much more. But that is the kind of homes we have, but the poor people live in things like a small tent, a carboard box, a subway station chair and others I didn’t mention and those things that I said where all from what I seen. We have a good life with a roof over our head, but the word “home” doesn’t have to be physical, because as long as you’re with your best friends or any of your family you will be home.

A home is what you think it is but no matter what gender, age or background you are, you will always be welcome in my house.