Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home is love.
Home is care.
Home is memories.
Home is family.

A home is where you live.
A home is where you sleep.
A home is where you dream.
A home is where mom is.
A home is where dad is.

Home is where I feel safe.
Home is beautiful sight.
A home is a comfortable place.
Home is a loving place.
Home is happiness!

I come back from school.
I am in a cozy blanket.
I smell pizza fresh from the oven.
I’m watching a movie.
I am eating extra buttered popcorn.
I sleep with full of dreams in my head.

Home is fairness.
Home is safe.
Home is childhood.
Home is comfy.
Home is relaxation.

I have a family.
I have a sister.
I have a mother.
I have a father.
I have home.

When I’m sad and depressed, I go to my room.
I go under my cozy blanket.
I stay warm.
When I’m home I feel HAPPY!

When it’s winter, my dad makes a warm fire.
I stay warm and comfy.
I drink hot chocolate with at least 5 marshmallows.
I love marshmallows!

Home is an honest place.
Home is a loving place.
Home is a warm place.
Home is a fair place.
A home is a cloud of dreams and happiness!

A home has your family.
A home has food.
A home has security.
A home has honesty.

A home is where you play.
Home is where you sleep.
Home is where you live.
A home is powerful.
Everyone has a different home.
All I want to say is, I have a home!
Do you have a home?