Grade 6




Home. when you think of home what comes to mind? For some it is a dark alleyway, a gutter or a old rusted pickup truck. To me home is a fortified wall that protects me along with the safety of Oakville. I love my home. My home is a place where I can laugh, cry, be happy or sad and be myself. But the problem is not everyone can say the same. Some people are forced to keep their feelings inside in their own homes.

In poor countries like Haiti, Jamaica and the Philippines some people can’t even afford clean drinking water food or some form of shelter. Imagining this makes me see that even though the world is great it could use some help.

At my house I have all the things I need to live a great and privileged life. I have access to water, food, a nice and comfortable bed. I have jackets, gloves and boots to face winters wrath. I also have a loving mother, father and an annoying but awesome cousin.

300 million people are homeless and 1.6 billion people are living with not enough food or water.

In conclusion, home is something that everyone needs it is like a bucket that you can spill your emotions and feelings into but it is not something that everyone has access to.